Doctor for Candidiasis Treatment in Delhi

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Here in this article we shall learn about the problem of candidiasis, its causes, symptoms, causes, diagnosis and precautions. We have seen many people who have ignored the problem of Candidiasis and as they did not pay proper attention to the signs of the problem and ended into worse and complex conditions.

Candidiasis is most commonly known to affect women but men can also get infected from Candidiasis. Women in the age group of 25 to 80 are most likely to get affected by Candidiasis.

Vaginal yeast infection is a common fungal infection is a common fungal infection. Normally there are various types of fungi that live on the human body including the genus of yeast known as Candida. Candida is generally found in small amounts in the mouth, intestines and on the skin. 

Generally at normal levels this fungi is not problematic but when this fungi starts to grow hysterically it can cause the infection called Candidiasis. Candidiasis is believed to be one of the most common fungal infections found in humans.

Ignorance and improper care of Candidiasis infection may lead to further problems and may even worsen the problem doing some major damage to the affected area. Right type of treatment from the best Sexologist can cure it completely. 


  1. A person can sense chronic fatigue if he has contacted candidiasis.
  2. Pain during sex may also be sign that you have candidiasis.
  3. Oral Thrush can also be felt in cases of candidiasis and is the most common and evident of all symptoms.
  4. Soreness can be found in patients who have candidiasis.
  5. Candidiasis infection brings up a lot of redness and rash on the affected area.
  6. Brain fog or commonly known as the condition of feeling foggy is a prominent sign of candidiasis.
  7. Recurring yeast infections should be checked for candidiasis.
  8. One may also feel sinus infections if he or she has contacted candidiasis. 
  9. Candidiasis may incur you food sensitivity and which can be treated as a symptom.
  10. A person with candidiasis may also observe fungal infections on the nail and skin.
  11. There may be a lot of joint pain in case of candidiasis.
  12. A weak immune system and loss of sexual desires are of the biggest sign that you should get yourself checked for candidiasis.
  13. Skin problems like acne, body odour may also be seen in case of candidiasis.
  14. The person having candidiasis can be known to have a lot of allergies due to a weak immune system.
  15. Candidiasis if left untreated can decrease the libido to a great extent .
  16. A person suffering from candidiasis can have a lot of sugar cravings, dizziness and may also face the problem of insomnia.
  17. Occasional inability to focus, mucus in the stool can also be a symptom of Candidiasis
  18. Stress, Anxiety, Irritability are symptoms of candidiasis.
  19. Itching can be sensed in the eyes, anus or other parts in case of candidiasis

These are some of the common symptoms found in candidiasis patients. It can only be diagnosed by a doctor and proper medical care shall be taken in order to avoid re occurrence of the problem.



There are 6 different types of candidiasis that have been classified according to the areas that get infected from Candida. 


  • Urinary yeast infection: candida species are the most common cause of fungal urinary tract infections (UTIs). This infection basically begins in the lower portion of the urinary tract and in some cases may ascend upwards.


UTI may develop due to :  having taken a course of antibiotics, having a medical device inserted such as a urinary catheter, diabetes, a weak immune system.

SYMPTOMS: may include-

  • An increased need to urinate 
  • A painful or burning sensation when urinating 
  • Abdominal or pelvic pain
  • Blood in the urine 


  • Genital Yeast Infection: normally when the controller bacteria (lactobacillus) levels are disrupted in some way and due to this decrease candida can overgrow and cause Genital Yeast infection. This  can be developed by practicing sexual intercourse that involves oral-genital contact. 


Generally the people who have an intake of antibiotics, uncontrolled diabetes, individuals who are immunosuppressed, pregnant women, people who take oral contraceptives or those who are on hormone therapy are at a greater risk of getting affected by candidiasis. 


  • Burning sensations while having a sexual intercourse
  • Itchy or painful feeling around the vagina
  • Redness, Irritation or Swelling around the vagina
  • Abnormal vaginal discharge that can either be watery, thick and white
  • A rash on the penis (head)


  • Oral Thrush: even after being a very normal part of the mouth candida albicans can cause major infections if it overgrows, the infection may not be limited to justb your mouth but can also spread to the tonsils and the back of the throat. If the infection is left unattended then it may spread to the esophagus which can have worse outcomes. 


People with uncontrolled diabetes, or those who consume corticosteroid drugs or the ones who wear dentures, especially the upper dentures are the most vulnerable to get affected by the Oral Thrush.


  • White spots in your mouth that have an appearance resembling cottage cheese and may also bleed if touched.
  • Burning or painful sensation in the mouth
  • Difficulty in eating or swallowing 
  • Redness in the mouth or at the corners of your mouth.
  • Loss of taste
  • A cotton-like feeling inside your mouth


  • Mucocutaneous Candidiasis: this is caused on the skin and mucous membranes by the candida species. Areas that are warm, moist or sweaty provide good environments for the yeast to thrive. This may include areas like armpits, groin, skin between fingers and toes, skin under the breasts getting affected.


The risk of developing Mucocutaneous Candidiasis can be caused by wearing tight or synthetic garments, having a poor hygiene etc. 


  • Blisters getting forms on the skin
  • The skin may become thick 
  • The skin may start producing a white curd-like substance.
  • The affected area may become red from infection 


  • Invasive candidiasis: in this type of candidiasis infection tends to spread to other parts of the body too such as the heart valves, brain, spleen, kidneys, eyes, etc. 


This is generally found in people with very weak immune systems and generally is acquired from the hospitals. 


  • Candidemia: is a serious infection of the bloodstream. It can be developed due to-
  1. a major surgery, 
  2. use of intravenous tubes or lines- particularly a tube inserted into a large vein of the neck, upper chest or groin or from a tube inserted to provide nutrition
  3. antibiotics 

Candidemia can be really fatal if it is not treated properly. 

Causes of Candidiasis 

As already mentioned Candidiasis is caused by the excessive growth of the yeast species called Candida albicans, but other species of candida can also cause the infection

Balanced levels of yeast and bacteria are already present but disturbance in that delicate balance can lead to the development of an infection. 

Women who are more sexually active can contact Candidiasis if they are indulged into oral sex. 

There are some factors which can aggravate the risk of Candidiasis like:

  1. Use of Antibiotics 
  2. Use of corticosteroids
  3. Pregnancy
  4. Use of hormonal contraceptive
  5. Uncontrolled diabetes
  6. Being immunocompromised 


If a person has been suffering from the following symptoms or the combination of two or more of the above mentioned symptoms then he or she shall get a diagnosis from the best Sexologist.

While choosing a doctor in such cases it is very important to pay due care as the right doctor and the right type of medication can help one cure completely. When it comes to finding the best sexologist in India with the most amount of satisfied patients and with a great reputation, it may sound a little dreamy to find all this in one place but here at Sidri International Hair Skin and Sexology Clinic you will find the Best Sexologist Dr. Manu Rajput and Dr. Kanu Rajput with the maximum number of satisfied patients and all the above things which are necessary for the care of your private parts.

Dr. Manu Rajput and Dr. Kanu Rajput are known for building a fiduciary relationship (one with trust) with their patients which helps the patients to become more frank with their problems. They deal with the problems of the patients with due care and caution and the medications are purely Ayurveda based and customized as per the needs and severity of Individual patients. 

Diagnosis at Sidri International Skin hair and Sexology clinic is performed by experts, Dr. Manu Rajput and Dr. Kanu Rajput who examine the patients and check for the severity of the disease. 

Initially, the diagnosis begins with a physical examination, followed by some questions which are asked by our experts to check the severity and vulnerability of the disease. 

Once all the examination part is done Dr. Manu Rajput and Dr. Kanu Rajput with due diligence to all the other factors that can affect the disease, provide Ayurvedic and pure medications to the patients which helps the patients to recover in a healthier manner and also helps them to recover from the very depth of the issue.


As we have already heard that prevention is better than cure, a person suffering from candidiasis should take the following preventions to avoid recurring problems of Candidiasis:

  1. Avoid douching.
  2. Should avoid the usage of feminine deodorants or deodorant pads or tampons.
  3. Should wear underwear made of cotton or other natural fibers.
  4. Should wear loose pants and lower garments.
  5. Should wash the under garment at high temperatures to kill the bacteria and fungus.
  6. Should follow a healthy diet and practice a healthy lifestyle.
  7. Avoid wearing wet clothing for a long time to avoid the genitals and affected areas to become damp.
  8. Avoid hot tubs and bath tubs.


In the case of candidiasis successful treatment depends upon reducing the proportional size of the yeast population in the body, building up the beneficial bacteria, limiting and controlling yeast triggers and strengthening overall health and immunity.

Ayurvedic protocols are designed to address the underlying cause of yeast infection, Ayurveda provides for a holistic approach to restoring the balance that includes diet, lifestyle management and herbal medication. 

Ayurveda has a three way approach towards curing Candidiasis:

  1. It focuses primarily on reducing the person’s toxic load.
  2. Secondly it ensures the integrity of digestive Agni 
  3. Finally it helps in building back the immunity

This helps in pure and proper cure of Candidiasis. Medicines used are pure and natural and  they do not have side effects. Also, medicines are customized for each patient according to their need.

Ayurveda has always been found to cure problems from the very root cause than from surface level. If you feel that you have been facing any of the above mentioned symptoms and need a simple treatment with no side effects and no harm you must book an appointment with the best doctors who are experts in the field of Sexology. 

Sidri International Skin Hair and Sexology Clinic is the best place to go for any kind of problems related to skin hair and specially in case of sexual problems like premature ejaculation, banalities, candidiasis, erectile dysfunction, loose penis etc. Dr. Manu Rajput and Dr. Kanu Rajput are the experts who are available at Sidri International Skin Hair and Sexology Clinic who have expert knowledge in the field of Sexology. The clinic is known to patients from all over the world as deal with national as well as international patients. 

Sidri International Skin Hair and Sexology Clinic is known worldwide for its goodwill and for the way the patients are treated here. 

So hurry, don’t waste time because it’s about sensitive problems Book an Appointment now so that all should be fine![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]



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