Please Read Before Booking Your Appointment

Dear Patients,

Thank you for trusting us and showing faith in us.

We hope that before booking your appointment, you have gone through all the patient feedbacks and If not then please read them as it will give you a clear idea what this clinic and doctors are all about.

How different our protocols are and how successful our treatments are and because of which how happy our patients are.

Frankly, it is not entirely our credit.

The credit goes to patients like you too who cooperate with us to make things better for everyone.

Keeping this thing in mind and make things better for everyone involved, we would like you to Honor few things:

Each time slot is for 20 minutes and patients are requested to make a note of their problems in advance so that the time can be saved for both (doctor & patient) because if the time duration of the consultation/counselling is extended then it will be charged for every time slot consumed.
In case of any critical condition with a patient, we may need some time due to which patients may need to wait for 15 minutes to 45 minutes, though it is not necessary but can happen sometimes.
Please fill Your Correct Name, Email Id and Mobile Number so that in case of unforeseen circumstances we can contact you in time via Email or SMS or Both.
If you are a patient who is from different State or Country, please fill the relevant State or Country after your surname.


Thank You!!!