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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


FAQs By Patients

Dear readers,
To check detailed and elaborative FAQs for Sidri International Skin Hair and Sexology Clinic please visit our OTHER OFFICIAL WEBSITE- Sidriinternational.com
This FAQs section is written at the time of COVID 19 Lockdown for those patients who have asked us to make FAQs short and simple for a quick read.
In addition, we will try to make it more fresh and easy to understand with a pinch of wittiness to ease out your stress, negativity and boredom which many of you might have gathered unknowingly due to current circumstances. Hope you’ll love it. EDIT 1: Please read the FAQs to understand our consultation process. Looking at the chronicity of your condition you would need to undergo the Assessment. Although its mentioned in the FAQs as well but in short: Online Assessment is an in depth Evaluation Process through which you and us get to know the probable cause(s) of the problem which helps plan the right treatment strategy for you.




Read FAQs To Understand The Treatment Protocols & Fees. (Also Check Out Treatments Page If You Want To Know More About Your Problems). It's https://sidriinternational.in/treatments



Click On The WhatsApp Link: https://wa.me/917838963383 & Ask For Online Consultation & Account Details.



Share The Screenshot Of Your Successful Transaction On WhatsApp & Take The Appointment Time for Online Consultation. AND IT'S DONE!

What is the consultation fee at Sidri International Skin Hair & Sexology Clinic?

Sidri International Skin Hair & Sexology Clinic has time slots based consultations. The consultation fee is INR 1500/- for a 20 minutes time slot.

If the patient exceeds the time slot then he will be charged as per the time slots consumed.

Example: If consultation time exceeds a patient, let’s say 40 minutes or 45 minutes then he has to pay INR 3000/- as a consultation fee for 2 time slots consumed.

Patients are requested to learn more about their problems and its causative factors etc. by visiting the TREATMENTS page and make notes of their questions / queries to keep the consultation time below 20 minutes. This will not only save time (yours time /other patients time /doctors time) but your finances too.

Do I have to pay consultation fees each and every time? But Why?

Dear patient, yes. The consultation fees have to be paid by the patient each and every time.

Reason for why : Like if you are a salaried person, you get salary only for those days on which you were present at the company and gave your time and implemented your skill. It’s the value of your time and skill for which you get paid for. Isn’t it ! It’s very much the same for us. Hope you can understand now.

I have gone through both of Sidri International Skin Hair & Sexology Clinic websites. Properly gone through the treatments page and even sexual health blogs page but I think what all I wish to share with you may not get completed in 20 minutes. Should I have to take another appointment of the same day or different day to complete?

Somehow, this question has been asked multiple times by different patients. We honestly do not understand the logic behind it even after explaining in detail about it 🙂 

To keep it simple for you:

  •       You can extend the time slot by asking the doctor. (*Mainly depends upon the availability of the doctor and rush of patients). OR
  •       You can book 2 slots simultaneously. You will be charged for 2 time slots. In our opinion, 2 time slots will be more than enough for you but not the best option (Why ?? – Please read benefits of Online Assessment and Evaluation)  OR THE BEST OPTION IS:
  •       You can Opt for Online chargeable assessment. (Consultation Fees INR 1500/- + Online Chargeable Assessment INR 5500/-).

*Online assessment is not at all a compulsive option for patients who are from New Delhi. If a patient wishes to go for it then he is most welcome to make payment and proceed further.

Also, Charges for Online Assessment and Evaluation is one time only.

But patients who are from outside New Delhi or India, Online Assessment and Evaluation is a mandatory for them.

You can read more about Online Assessment and Evaluation in the coming questions.

Do all patients you see have to opt for chargeable online assessment?

Of course not.

Step 1: Please RE READ the above question and its answer.

Step 2: If you are still unable to understand then please follow Step 1. 🙂

What are the benefits of Online Assessment & Evaluation?

The idea behind Online Assessment & Evaluation is to:

  •         Understand the problem in detail which is difficult to discuss in 1 single consultation as the payment per time slot is increasing ultimately making them pay for next time slots.
  •         Trying to find out the most important problem causing factors after assessing your medical condition so that most appropriate treatment is given. It’s a time taking process.
  •         Who have too many things to share but couldn’t due to either:
  1.     1 time slot is not sufficient for them because they want to take proper time in recalling sequences of events which in turn make them consume more time slots.
  2.     Unavailability of the time slots or
  3.     Who are too shy to discuss their problems face to face.

What is the mode of payment at Sidri International Skin Hair and Sexology Clinic?

Contributing our support to digital India we at Sidri International Skin Hair and Sexology Clinic prefer online mode of payment. Patients can pay us via:

IMPS/ NEFT/ Google Pay/ Card/ Cash.

Why to choose Sidri International Skin Hair and Sexology Clinic for the treatment of your sexual problems?

Because you love your health and your body and your sexual life and your relationship with your partner and your personal life and your professional life and you really don’t want to spoil it by choosing the wrong doctor or wrong medicines or wrong treatment. Isn’t it???

It is indeed.

  •         Thus, our first and foremost goal is to improve the health of your sexual organs, ultimately improving your quality of life.
  •         No long waiting hours (Max waiting can be 15 mins to 45 min depending upon circumstances. * Now happens once in a blue moon)
  •         Genuine opinion which is not dependent on your socioeconomic status but what’s best for you.
  •         No unnecessary lab investigations. You can choose any good laboratory of your choice. We won’t force you to go for any specific lab.
  •         No unnecessary medicines are written to earn profits from ayurvedic pharma companies and ayurvedic stores. (* Prescription based medicines which you have to buy from any good Ayurvedic store of your choice)
  •         No pressure to take our customized medicines treatment. In fact, we reserve the right to suggest and start or not to start or continue any Treatments/ Procedures/ Customized medicine treatment.
  •         We will only suggest our customized medicine if we feel the need, but we will never force you. It is going to be a mutual choice.
  •         Our USP : We do not follow ONE SIZE FITS ALL approach. Since you are different so are your problems causing factors. Due to this, your sexual problem & its severity may vary. We know the same medicines cannot work on Patient A and Patient B thus we give special emphasis on careful selection of medicines. For this we follow a unique way of online assessment. Please check the next question what kind of treatment protocol we follow.

What kind of treatment protocol do we follow at Sidri International Skin Hair and Sexology Clinic?

  1. Treatment depends upon the problem.


  1. There are some problems that need medicines whereas there are some that need procedures. 


  1. Treatments that requires oral medications have mainly 3 options: 


(a) Prescription Based Medicines but Without Online Assessment: 


In this option, we will write you medicines on a prescription and you can purchase them from any good Ayurvedic medical store.


PROS: Cheap and Good for those who have a very initial stage of problem or for those who do not have enough finances but still want to start a treatment so that at least some benefit can be gained.


CONS : Not a very good option if you are having moderate or serious levels of problem and looking for long term and stable results.



(b) Prescription Based Medicines with Chargeable Online Assessment and Evaluation: 


In this option, we will prescribe (write on a prescription) you the much precise set of medicines after thoroughly assessing your medical condition (via online assessment and evaluation process). You can purchase these medicines from any good Ayurvedic medical store of your own choice.


PROS: Turns out to be a much cheaper/ economical treatment at later stages as the precise target areas had been approached. 


Some problems need a deeper level of understanding like detailed past history, physical issues, psychological issues etc. that get effectively found out in online assessment and evaluation.


Option of online assessment and evaluation & then followed by designing the correct combination of medicines is a boon for patients who are looking for a much precise level treatment with the help of Prescription based Ayurvedic Medicines.


CONS: The set of medicines prescribed after detailed assessment are still much much better than prescribed with limited information we gather at the time of consultation. 


This option will have better results compared to the above one due to precise information (option a) but will give only stimulatory effects and not a root level treatment if your problem is chronic in nature. 



(C) Customized Ayurvedic Medicines after a thorough Chargeable Assessment and Evaluation of the Problem : 


In this option, we will do the online assessment to find out each and every single detail shared by you, we then formulate/ customize the medicines as per the severity of the problem. 



PROS: This is the same option and treatment modality for which we are famous, i.e. the root level treatment of the problem.


After Online Assessment and Evaluation, a thorough understanding is made as we get to know more deeply about your medical issues and then a precise set of medications can be formulated/ Customized thus leading to a long term stable results with a very high success rate.


In simple words, the results achieved with our customized treatment will not vanish once you leave the treatment.


It may make you forget the embarrassment, guilt & frustration you gathered over the period of time as you’ll be a Sexually Fit Man Once Again.




In our opinion . . . Nothing!! That’s why it is our best option.


Or for the sake of continuation, let’s say it this way:


Not given to each and every patient who visits Sidri International Skin Hair and Sexology Clinic.


Not cost effective as compared to prescription based medicines.


Not for patients having a history of Non Compliance.

What do I expect while coming to Sidri International Skin Hair and Sexology Clinic?

In a nutshell, You can expect consultation fees as per slot basis, i.e. INR 1500/- for 20 minutes of consultation. The more time slots you consume the more you have to pay.


Online Assessment and Evaluation has one time charges of INR 5500/-. The charges will be this way: (CONSULTATION FEES AS PER TIME SLOTS CONSUMED + ONLINE ASSESSMENT & EVALUATION CHARGES).


Example: INR 1500/- + INR 5500/-  = INR 7000/- if 1 time slot of 20 minutes is consumed and then opted for online assessment and evaluation.


Mode of payment can be any of these : IMPS/ NEFT/ Google Pay/ Card/ Cash.



Online Assessment and Evaluation is not mandatory for patients who are from New Delhi.


Online Assessment and Evaluation is mandatory for patients who are from outside New Delhi or India.



Treatment to be started by opting 1 of these:


(a) Prescription Based Medicines but Without Online Assessment



(b) Prescription Based Medicines with Chargeable Online Assessment and Evaluation



(C) Customized Ayurvedic Medicines after a thorough Chargeable Assessment and Evaluation of the Problem

I’m not from New Delhi. I’m from a different state of India / I’m from outside India. How do I proceed with Online Assessment and Evaluation?

Dear patient,


To be honest, we would really want you to first visit us in person.

Meet us. Consult us in person. Use your mind and your heart at the same time to see if we are really the right doctors. Are we really that good at treating the sexual problems of patients? Are we really worth the praise which is being done by several genuine patients time and again?



By this way you will 1st get to know about us and we can get to know more about you. We think the doctor patient relationship formed on this ground will be strong and long lasting. It has happened in the past, it is happening at present & we are sure that it will keep on happening in future as well.



But if you feel it other way round then it will only make you lose your consultation fees but will save your hard earned money getting wasted on assessment and evaluation / treatment.


Money is not important here but your time and most importantly your health is. Most of you already had bitter experiences in the past wherein you not only lost your precious time and money but lost your precious health to a great extent leaving you depressed and shattered making you feel that nothing can be done and there is no way to go.



We are very much confident about ourselves, the treatment protocol we follow, the results we can deliver keeping your precious health in mind and ultimately giving the best possible realistic solution to your problems. That’s why we are asking you to experience the same.


But if you think that while you are planning your trip to visit us but travel constraints at your end are quite prominent and you want at least something can be initiated which will save time then you can follow the below mentioned protocol.


  •       You can whatsapp on +917838963383 and tell the Doctor that you wish to proceed with Online Assessment and Evaluation.


  •       The Doctor will then share the account details with you so that you can make the payment of INR 1500/- + INR 5500/- = INR 7000/-


  •       Once you make the payment, you have to share the screenshot of the remittance on the same number.


  •       Once the payment is reflected in the account then you and the Doctor can discuss the time of consultation mutually.


  •       The consultation will happen over a call which is initiated by the patient. It can be a normal call or a Whatsapp call (20 minutes call). * Patients need not to worry if the call exceeds 5 or 10 minutes more. You won’t be charged extra for that.


  •       After that you can proceed with the online assessment and evaluation process discussed by the Doctor.

Are charges of consultation , online assessment and evaluation different for Indians, NRI’s and patients of other Nationalities?

Dear patient,


No. The consultation charges, fees of online assessment and evaluation are the same for Indians, NRI’s and patients of other Nationalities.

I’m from New Delhi / from a different state of India / from outside India. I want to start with your customized treatments. How can I start with that?

Dear patient, Customized treatments are our speciality treatments which are known to give long term and sustainable results and are are primarily for those patients who have been:


  •       Having severe sexual problems for a good amount of time and they now want to have good and stable results.


  •       Taken treatments from various doctors, done self medication etc. with little to no results and now want to take treatment which should be given only after proper analysis of their problem making it more target specific.


  •       Have taken treatments from various doctors / clinics / hospitals / online pharmacies and got very good results but soon after leaving the treatment / medicines they came back to their old state of sexual problem.


  •       Who do not wish to go for the “Let’s try and See” approach.


  •       Had multiple failed sexual experiences.


  •       Who are not confident about their sexual performance and are about to get married soon.


  •       Who recently got married but failed to perform multiple times.


  •       Who are unable to do penetrative intercourse making the couple have Unconsummated marriage (UM).


  •       Who have very poor and unsatisfactory sexual performance.


  •       Men who have Infertility issues and are dealing with tremendous mental pressure from family and or from social circles.


If you belong to any of the categories mentioned above then after consultation, you can directly ask the doctor to proceed with the “Online Assessment and Evaluation Process”.


After proper assessment and evaluation, we will design a strategy and make a proper plan for the treatment.


After making a proper plan, we will then formulate and customize the medicines. Customized medicines are designed by taking a note of each and every single thing we observed in your case evaluations. Patients are requested to provide correct information to the best of their knowledge before and during the treatment.


Many medical conditions like Phimosis, Paraphimosis etc. generally require only a physical examination and not a detailed assessment and evaluation process.


Patients coming for problems like Phimosis, Paraphimosis etc. can ask relevant questions during consultation, check out the successful case studies of many other patients like them (*Those who gave us the consent) and then can directly proceed with the treatment.


Patients who visit us for STDs and STIs generally have a lot of doubts due to a lot of factors. Such patients can undergo a “Per Slot Counselling”. We will suggest all the relevant lab investigations and then can start the treatment accordingly.

Is consultation fees / online assessment and evaluation fees / treatment fees refundable?

Dear patient,


The answer to this question is a No. A humble and a polite one.


The consultation fees / online assessment and evaluation fees / treatment fees is neither refundable nor transferable and cannot be adjusted in any form.


It’s an organisation policy. We cannot do anything about it.


All we can do is to request / suggest you only make payments once you are completely sure of us, our treatment protocols and most importantly our high success rates.

Is booking a confirmed appointment on either of Sidri International Skin Hair and Sexology Clinic’s Official Website necessary?

Dear Patient,


The answer to this question is a YES.

All patients who are planning to visit Sidri International Skin Hair and Sexology Clinic need to book an appointment on either of our official clinic websites, viz sidriinternational.com or sidriinternational.in by filling out the correct details like Complete Name, Email ID, Mobile Number.


This helps us to have confirmation of appointments that day so that we can plan our schedule accordingly.


Also, there are times when due to unforeseen circumstances, we have to either reschedule or cancel the appointments. The correct information will help us to inform you in time ultimately saving your travelling time and waiting time.


Also, we have a very limited number of seats in the waiting area and any unplanned walk-in patient has to wait unnecessary for many hours making us feel bad.


These are some of reasons why we don’t prefer seeing patients without confirmed appointments as direct Walk-ins.


Anyways, apart from above information, before booking your appointment, please check out the:


Treatments page (to learn more about your sexual problems),


Sexual health blog page (Great articles related to sexual health)


Patient feedbacks page (To find out what many ex patients feel about us) mentioned below (IMAGES):