Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Dear patients please find out the answers to any questions you may have about the Consultation and Treatment Process at Sidri International Skin Hair & Sexology Clinic.

Due to COVID 19 pandemic, currently we are providing only Online (Telephonic) Consultations and thus the In-person Consultations have been kept on hold until the COVID situation comes to a stability. 

The Process of Online Consultation and Fee Structure remains same for everyone, be it a resident of Delhi NCR, patients across India or International Patients contacting from other Countries.

1. Why choose Sidri International Skin Hair & Sexology Clinic for the treatment of your sexual problems?

  • Because you love your Health, your Body, your Sexual Life, your Relationship with your Partner, your Personal Life and your Professional Life. We are sure, you would not really want to spoil it or mess it up all by choosing the Wrong Doctor, Wrong Medicines or a Wrong Treatment. Isn’t it?
  • We at Sidri International, keep our prime focus on diagnosing the problem by implementing proper Diagnostic Criteria which is established after a Proper Assessment of your Medical condition. This helps us make a Strategized Treatment Plan for an Efficacious Treatment and Long-Term Results.  
  • Thus, our first and foremost goal is to improve the health of your Sexual Organs, ultimately improving your Quality of Life through a Holistic Approach that just doesn’t relies on medicines rather Dietary and Lifestyle Recommendations are also suggested for a Good Maintenance of Results.
  • A Genuine and an Unbiased Opinion is given which is not dependent on your socioeconomic status in fact Treatment Suggestions are given considering what’s best for you.
  • No unnecessary lab investigations are suggested. Even if required, you can choose any good laboratory of your choice. We won’t force you to go for any specific lab.
  • If prescribed, medicines only from Reputed and Trustworthy Ayurvedic Pharma Companies are suggested which can be bought Online or from any good Ayurvedic store of your choice. 
  • It is our utmost priority that if prescribed, Medicines should not cause any Short or Long Term Adverse (Side) Effects. Thus, the Treatment must be completely Safe and Risk Free for Patients.
  • No pressure to take our Customized Medicines Treatment. In fact, we reserve the right to suggest and start or not to start or continue any Treatments/ Procedures/ Customized Medicine Treatment.
  • We will only suggest our ‘Customized Medicines’ if we feel the need is there, but we will never force you. It is going to be a mutual choice.

 Our USP: We do not follow a ONE SIZE FITS ALL approach. Since you are different so are your problems causing factors. Due to this, your sexual problem & its severity may vary. We know that the same medicine cannot work on Patient A and Patient B with similar results, thus we give special emphasis on careful Selection, Formulation and Customization of Medicines. We follow a unique approach of Online Assessment & Evaluation Process for patients suffering with Sexual Dysfunction, you will get to know about that process in the below mentioned points.

2. What is the Consultation Fee at Sidri International?

  • The consultation fee for an appointment is INR 1500/-. The fee remains the same be it an In-person Consultation, an Online (telephonic) Consultation or a Follow-Up Consultation.

3. What is the duration of time slot for a Consultation at Sidri International?

  • Sidri International Skin Hair & Sexology Clinic has time slots based consultations.
  • The consultation fee is INR 1500/- for a 20 minutes time slot. If the patient exceeds the time slot then he will be charged as per the time slots consumed.
  • Please keep your questions and case details handy with yourself before undergoing the consultation.

4. Do I pay every time I undergo a Consultation?

Yes, the consultation fee remains the same for Regular as well as for follow-up consultation.

5. Do I need to Book an Appointment on the Scheduler of Website for an Online Consultation?

  • No, please don’t book a slot on the website’s calendar for an Online Appointment and that’s the reason you will notice that the current calendar dates for appointment booking are not visible.
  • Online Appointments are being managed by Dr. Manu Rajput directly through his WhatsApp number, please get in touch with him directly on his WhatsApp and he will share the ‘Steps for an Online Consultation’.

6. What is the treatment protocol followed at Sidri International?

  • The doctors at Sidri International treat patients through Ayurveda. 
  • There are many sexual diseases and disorders that are treated by Dr. Manu Rajput and Dr. Kanu Rajput thus a consultation outcome and treatment suggestion can be really different for each condition and may vary from patient to patient. There are conditions that may require procedure-based treatments viz. Phimosis, Paraphimosis etc.

7. I wish to proceed with an Online Consultation, what are the Steps ahead?

  1. Please read our Websites and this FAQs page thoroughly to know more about our Consultation Process, Fee Structure and Modus Operandi.
  2. Please connect with Dr. Manu Rajput directly on his WhatsApp number i.e. +91 7838963383. A Patient Information Form will be shared with you, please fill and send it back.
  3. Please ask for the Bank Details for an IMPS or the Google Pay Number. We shall provide you the same.
  4. Pay the Fee for Consultation i.e. INR 1500/-.  
  5. Once the Consultation Fee is paid, please share the screenshot of the transaction on the number.
  6. Your name would then be added in the Appointment Que. There can be a waiting period. 
  7. We shall check with your good self over WhatsApp for a mutual suitable day and a time slot for the said Online Consultation done to be done Telephonically.
  8. Please do let us know regarding your preferred language for communication as well viz. Hindi, English or Hinglish.
  9. Congratulations…. you have begun your journey towards a Better Sexual Wellness.
After Reading All The Questions and Answers, Come Back Here and Click Me To Get Started For Online Consultation

8. I am suffering with Penile Infections/ Balanitis/ Balanoposthitis/ STDs/ STIs/ Phimosis/ Paraphimosis. What is the Online Consultation Process and how is the treatment done?

  • For above mentioned medical conditions, the process for an Online Consultation remains same as mentioned above in Point Number 7 except that as these conditions require visual observations for better analysis you would need to share a few images and/or videos as suggested according to your condition. 
  • The Online Consultation includes discussion regarding your condition, it’s stage & severity, further preventive measures, hygiene & cleaning procedure, diet & lifestyle modifications, Treatment required in your case and its cost. 
  • For patients having Penile Infections, Balanitis, Balanoposthitis, STDs and STDs we customize & formulate the medicines according to the stage and grade of condition and thus the cost of medicinal treatment may entirely depend upon the severity of your condition.
  • We have a high success rate and reputation in the industry in treating these disorders through our Customised Medicines and thus do not prescribe medicines from outside due to their inferior results.
  • For patients suffering with moderate to severe Phimosis and Paraphimosis, we specialize in treating these conditions through Non-Surgical Clinical Session Based Treatment.
  • The cost of treatment depends upon your severity and that shall be discussed along with other parameters at the time of consultation. Patients having Mild Grade Phimosis are not taken up for the Clinical Treatment rather they are suggested the Home Care Exercises and Routine so that the condition can be tried and managed with a holistic approach at home only.

9. I am suffering with Sexual Dysfunction, what do I expect in my consultation?

Sexual Dysfunction Consultations viz. Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation, Low Libido, Oligospermia, Night Fall etc.; we have a level-based consultation system for these disorders viz. Level 1 and Level 2.

10. What is a Level 1 Consultation for patients suffering with Sexual Dysfunction?

  • A Level 1 Consultation or the 1st consultation is wherein the patient discusses his problem with the doctor and based upon his signs and symptoms a medication plan is prescribed to him for a said time period to observe the improvements.
  • It is primarily suggested to patients having an initial onset of the problem, by and large these patients show a satisfactory response in the Level 1 Consultation itself.
  • Please note that we are one of the very few clinics in the field of Sexology who prescribes medicines as well to the patients.
  • The Consultation fee is INR 1500/- for a consultation.

11. What is a Level 2 Consultation for patients suffering with Sexual Dysfunction?

A Level 2 Consultation means an Online Assessment & Evaluation Process followed by a Conclusive Consultation.

A Level 2 Consultation is recommended to:

  • Patients who fail to respond to the Level 1 Treatment;
  • Patients suffering with their problem(s) ranging from a few months to a couple of years; 
  • Patients who have been suffering with multiple sexual problems;
  • Patients having a history of failed sexual episodes;
  • Patients having unsatisfactory past treatment experiences; 
  • Patients having chronic and complex problems;
  • NRI and International patients suffering with Sexual Dysfunction would straight away need to begin with a Level 2 Consultation.

Patients experiencing any of the above-mentioned situations are Highly Recommended & Suggested to undergo an Online Assessment and Evaluation Process.

These patients can directly opt for a Level 2- Online Assessment & Evaluation followed by the Conclusive Consultation rather than beginning with a Level 1 Consultation.

12. What includes in an Online Assessment & Evaluation Process?

  • Online Assessment & Evaluation is an in-depth Multidimensional Theoretical and Practical Evaluation Process to measure various aspects of sexual performance.
  • In Online Assessment & Evaluation Process a comprehensive history is taken and an extensive case analysis is done covering domains of sexual dysfunction viz. ED, Orgasmic Function, Sexual Desire, Ejaculation, Intercourse and Overall Satisfaction.
  • Very fine observations are made after doing a comparative analysis of theoretical and practical case findings which throws light upon factors such as level of disease severity, probable causes, associated complications and prognosis of the condition.
  • This Extensive Analysis then helps us make an Action Plan and a more precise Treatment Strategy for the patient which is discussed in the Conclusive Consultation.

13. What is the fee structure of Level 2 Consultation?

The Fee for a Level 2 Consultation is:

  Online Assessment & Evaluation = INR 5500/- (Payable One Time Only)

  Conclusive Consultation                = INR 1500/-

  Total (Level 2 Consultation)       = INR 7000/-

Please Note:

  • If a patient leaves the WhatsApp group made for Online Assessment & Evaluation then he has to Re- Pay the same charges to get added again. Thus, we request patients to avoid that under all circumstances.
  • The charges for Online Assessment & Evaluation are for assessment and evaluation of your medical condition only and cannot be substituted and/or adjusted in any other form.

14. What would be the way ahead after I undergo a Level 2 Consultation?

There are 2 treatment ways ahead viz. Prescription Medicines & Customised Medicines:

Prescription Medicines-

  • Patients having a mild to moderate grade of problem are then suggested to go ahead with the prescription medicines.
  • In this, we will prescribe the medicines which you may buy from any Ayurvedic Store or Online of your choice.
  • The prescription Medicines generally show quite a promising response to patients having Mild to Moderate grade of problem.
  • The prescription is changed every 10-10 days based upon improvements. 
  • The medicines prescribed are of reputed and renowned pharmaceuticals and are easily available online or on any good Ayurvedic Medical Store of your city.
  • International patients can find the prescribed medicines easily Online. 
  • Although the medicines prescribed are of reputed pharmaceuticals and have been a boon for many patients who have budget issues but due to bulk and mass production, they only show stimulatory response and lack curative properties at times.
  • Our job with prescription medicines is primarily to design a Safe & a No Side Effect Combination.
  • At times, Prescription Medicines are a Boon for patients who have a Moderate to High Severity but due to their Budget Constraints can’t go ahead with Customised Medicines and are looking for an Economical and a Low-Cost Treatment. 
  • It helps them manage their current State of Trouble with the Stimulatory Effect of these Prescription Medicines. 
  • The fee chargeable is INR 4500/- per month, (INR 1500 x 3 prescriptions = INR 4500/- a month).

Customised Medicines-

  • Customization of Medicines and Formulating an Individual Specific Medicines is one of our Core Speciality and the reason behind our very high number of Successful Cases.
  • Customised Medicines is only suggested to patients who have a Moderate to a High Level of Severity.
  • The Customised Medicines are primarily for those patients who:
  1. have been suffering with sexual dysfunction for quite a long time and are looking for long term stable and sustainable results; 
  2. have taken treatments from various doctors, done self-medication etc. with little to no results and now want to take treatment which should be given only after proper analysis of their problem making it more target specific; 
  3. have taken treatments from various doctors / clinics / hospitals / online pharmacies and got very good results initially but soon after leaving the treatment / medicines they came back to their old state of Sexual Problem; 
  4. who do not wish to go for a ‘Try and See’ approach; 
  5. who are about to get married but are not confident about their Sexual Performance; 
  6. have an Unconsummated Marriage (UM), this simply means that if a couple got married in the recent past but haven’t been able to Consummate the Marriage yet i.e. unable to do Penetrative Intercourse yet;
  7. who have failed to give Sexual Satisfaction to their partner; 
  8. have had Multiple Failed Sexual Experiences, Encounters and Episodes; 
  9. men struggling with Poor and Unsatisfactory Sexual Performances due to Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation; 
  10. men having Infertility Issues with tremendous mental, family and/or social pressures etc. 
  • Strategized, Proper Treatment Plan is made and the Medications would then be Customised, Formulated and Designed specifically looking at the Case Evaluations that are done of the patient and his problems. 
  • The Customised Treatments are our Speciality Treatments that involve an Intensive Approach for a Healthy Recovery as well gaining Curative, Long Term and Sustainable Results.
  • In simple words, the Results Achieved with our Customized Treatment will not vanish once you leave the Treatment.
  • The Customised Medicines do not cause any Dependency or Addiction, are Safe to use and have No Long/ Short Term Side (Adverse) Effects. 
  • The Cost of a Customised Treatment would depend upon factors such as severity, complications involved etc. 
  • We maintain very High-Quality Standards and are thus known in the industry for our Genuine and Highly Result Oriented Medicines that we Customize for an Individual.
  • Also, in the name of Ayurvedic Medicines we do not adulterate them with Steroids, Boosters, Testosterone supplements and Viagra etc.
  • Unfortunately, this is happening quite a lot in the Industry and a lot of patients come to us after getting their body spoiled because of these malpractices.
  • We are very proud and say it out loud that we do not do any such unethical practice to gain short term success. 
  • In the end, you’ll forget the Embarrassment, Guilt & Frustration you gathered over the period of time as you’ll be a Sexually Fit Man Once Again.

15. I have already had so many bad and failed experiences with previous Clinics/ Doctors in my City/ Country, how do I trust Sidri International?

Very Interesting question!!!

To understand the difference Consult us and feel the difference by yourself.

Use your Mind and Heart at the same time to see if we are really the right doctors.

Are we really that good at treating the sexual problems of patients?

Are we really worth the praise which is being done by several genuine patients time and again?

By this way you will get to know about us and we will also be able to know more about you.

We believe the doctor patient relationship formed on this ground will be strong and long lasting. It has happened in the past, it is happening at present & we are sure that it will keep on happening in future as well.

But if you feel it the other way round then it will only make you lose your Consultation and/ or Assessment Fee.

Money is not important here but your time and most importantly your Health is. Most of you already had bitter experiences in the past wherein you not only lost your Precious Time and Money but lost your Precious Health to a great extent as well leaving you Depressed & Shattered making you feel that nothing can be done now and there is no way to go.

We are very much confident about Ourselves, the Treatment Protocol we follow, the Results we can deliver keeping your Precious Health in Mind and ultimately giving the Best Possible Realistic Solution to your Problems. That’s why we are asking you to experience the same.

16. What are all the payment options available at Sidri International Skin Hair & Sexology Clinic?

A patient can make the payment through IMPS (Bank Transfer), Google Pay, Cash or Card.

17. Is the Consultation Fee/ Online Assessment Fee/ Treatment Fee Refundable or Transferable?

We wish to say Sorry on this. A humble and Polite One.

Any payments made through any of the modes are neither Refundable nor Transferable under any circumstances and can’t be adjusted in any form.

All we can say is : Please initiate the fee only when you are confident about us and you have properly checked the FAQs and this website including problems you are suffering from mentioned on our Treatments Page.

18. Can I get an approximate idea of the cost of the treatment?

We would love to answer this question.

To be honest there is no specific answer to this very common question.

You May Ask Why!

Let us answer this in a simple way.

How to tell the cost of the treatment without seeing and understanding the severity of the condition?

Many people have packages for their treatments but fortunately we don’t believe in this menu type service.

We can only tell about Consultation fees, Online Assessment & Evaluation fees as those are fixed but when it comes to treatments/ procedures etc. how can one tell without understanding your problem.

All we can suggest is: Don’t compare your medical problems and their treatment outcomes on the lines of Ordering a Burger or Pizza. 

Instead of doing window shopping for your sex solutions, take them seriously and consult first. Be it us or anyone else. 

Coz if you don’t want to take your problem seriously then how can you expect someone else to do that for you.

Be sensible and be a wise decision maker.

Hope to connect with you soon. All the best!!!