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Paraphimosis, Paraphimosis Treatment Without Surgery

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Paraphimosis is a condition wherein the foreskin of the penis of a male gets stuck behind the head of the penis (glans) and cannot be pulled forward to the tip of the penis in the normal state. Paraphimosis generally affects uncircumcised men. Due to this, swelling occurs in the foreskin and gets filled with a watery fluid. This constriction of the retracted foreskin over the penile shaft may slow or even stop blood flow to the tip of the penis. This disorder is a medical emergency that can lead to severe complications and can destroy the sexual life of a couple if treatment is not taken in time.



1. The significant symptom of paraphimosis is when the foreskin cannot return to its normal position, i.e., to the tip of the penis.

2. There might even be pain, swelling, and discomfort on the foreskin and the tip of the penis, i.e., the glans. 

3. Due to lack of blood flow, the tip of the penis may also change its color to dark red or blue.

4. The skin of the glans may become scaly, thin, shiny, or wrinkled. 

5. It may make urination difficult, affecting the urine stream.

6. The pain and discomfort can be so severe that it may alter how you sit and walk. 




Causes of Paraphimosis are :

1. Harsh masturbation session even though you were suffering from Phimosis. Rough or forceful masturbation can lead to paraphimosis in men who already suffer from Phimosis. 

2. Sexual Intercourse, with or without a condom, despite having Phimosis, can lead to paraphimosis. It is commonly seen in men engaging in sexual intercourse for the first time. They generally believe Phimosis may improve after their first sexual intercourse; however, it never happens and unfortunately leads to this paraphimosis, a medical emergency. 

3. Infection and itching, which are caused due to poor hygiene and other issues. Proper hygiene is essential for the penis and the area around it. Improper hygiene may also lead to paraphimosis.

4. When circumcision is done incorrectly. If not appropriately done, circumcision may lead to paraphimosis as it may affect the tip of the penis.

5. Physical trauma experienced by the penis and foreskin while unskillfully trying DIY techniques, silicone rings, home care phimosis kits, etc., becomes a significant cause of paraphimosis.

6. Apply a lot of force and pull the foreskin back to the tip. A lot of pressure on the end of the penis when pulling the foreskin can lead to this sexual disorder.

7. Foreskin, which was pulled back from an extended period.



1. Paraphimosis may cause a severe infection if not treated well and in time.

2. The tip of the penis, i.e., the glans, may get severely damaged and may result in tissue death if paraphimosis is not treated in time. This tissue death may require hospitalization due to complications that may arise due to gangrene.




Such complicated issues viz. Paraphimosis needs to be dealt with immediately. Proper and timely treatment is required for such a sexual medical emergency. Conventionally, surgery or surgical treatments are available for paraphimosis. Still, Sidri International Clinic offers you the proper treatment that involves “No Surgery”. It is essential to save the foreskin considering its vital functions.


Sidri International Clinic has the most trustable, harmless, and Non-Surgical (without surgery) Paraphimosis Treatment available in Delhi today. Its procedure and treatments contain all-natural elements, which are the most effective in treating paraphimosis without surgery. 


Our doctors, Dr. Manu Rajput and Dr. Kanu Rajput are pioneers in treating Paraphimosis without Surgery. They have helped hundreds of men overcome this medical emergency by treating paraphimosis without surgery through their specialized Non-Surgical Techniques.


If you, too, have paraphimosis, please don’t delay further. Every hour is crucial. Press the “Online Consultation” button to begin your consultation process with us and save your precious foreskin.


The initial consultation will be online through a telephonic audio call. Then, we shall discuss the cost of the treatment based on the assessment of your condition. Once the treatment fee is paid, the patient will be asked to undergo the procedure at the Sidri International Clinic. 


Please press the “Online Consultation” or “WhatsApp” button to connect directly with Dr. Manu Rajput and learn further steps to begin a consultation. 


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