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When the foreskin of the penis of a male cannot be pulled forward to the tip of the penis is known as Paraphimosis. This only affects the uncircumcised men. Due to this swelling occurs in the foreskin and sometimes it even gets stuck. This may slow or even stop the flow of blood to the tip of the penis. This disorder can lead to serious complications and can destroy the sexual life of a couple.

Symptoms of Paraphimosis are :
1.  The major symptoms of Paraphimosis is when the foreskin is unable to return back to it’s normal position i.e. to the tip of the penis.
2.  There might even be pain and swelling on the foreskin and the tip of the penis.
3.  Due to lack of blood flow, the tip of the penis may also change it’s color to dark red or blue.


Causes of Paraphimosis are :
1.  Infection which is caused due to hygiene and other issues. Proper hygiene is very necessary for the penis and the area around it. This may lead to Paraphimosis.
2.  When circumcision is done incorrectly. If not done properly circumcision may lead to Paraphimosis as it may affect the tip pf the penis.
3.  Physical trauma experienced by the genital area becomes a major cause of it.
4.  Applying a lot of force and pulling the foreskin back to the tip. Lot of force on the tip of the penis at the time of pulling the foreskin can lead to this sexual disorder.

5.  Foreskin which was pulled back from an extended period.

Risk factors of paraphimosis are :
1.  It may cause a severe infection.
2.  The tip of the penis may get severely damaged.
3.  The tip of the penis may be lost as a result of gangrene, or tissue death.
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