Performance Anxiety, Best Doctor For Performance Anxiety in Delhi


While having sex, do you have a fear that your performance is up to the mark or not? If yes, then you are suffering from a sexual disorder named performance anxiety. Sex is supposed to be a pleasurable activity, but it is not possible to make it fun and interesting while thinking about your performance. Some men feel that they do not have a good physical appearance or their penis is small to satisfy their partners. These are few examples due to which men get tensed and do not perform properly which effects their sexual and personal life.

Symptoms of performance anxiety are :

1.  Loss of interest in sex.
2.  Inability to orgasm.
3.  Premature ejaculation.
4.  Erectile dysfunction.


Causes of performance anxiety are :

1.  Body image issues : Every person is not perfect. Some are short, some are tall, some fat and some thin. Some people become too conscious about their physical appearances and think that their partners will not like them the way they are. This gives birth to performance anxiety.

2.  Erectile dysfunction : Some men think that their penis will be able to reach the erection that is required to have sex. This makes them conscious and leads to performance anxiety.

3.  Penis size : Some men think that their penis size is not enough to satisfy their partners. They think that the size of their penis is too small and this leads to performance anxiety in them.

4.  Negative past experiences : Due to some negative past sexual experiences, performance anxiety makes it’s way. Some men might have been ridiculed by their partners for some or the other reason.

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