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Is Pornography the Real Reason for Erectile Dysfunction?

Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction

Yes, it might possible that you develop the condition of Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction or PIED.

ED is a very complex issue that has many physical and mental health components. After a few studies, it has been observed that Pornography cay be a major factor to cause Erectile Dysfunction.


Men who are exposed to pornography may need to increase sexual stimulation to remain aroused. And most importantly, the use of pornography makes men less likely to feel aroused by a real-life partner. 

Sometimes more masturbation by watching porn desensitize nerves in the penis, so men find more difficult to get an erection because the nerves require more physical stimulation in this condition. 


Many studies have also been conducted on the behavior pattern of men who watch porn. And they have found a very interesting fact that men who watch too much porn develop performance anxiety. 

That anxiety sometimes poses difficulty in getting enough erection. Actually, many people who watch porn, find things real in pornography and compare themselves with Professional porn actors. 

But what they don’t know is that real life sex drive is very different from porn movies. Those artists are professional and you simply can’t match their stamina. 


Another reason why over-exposing to pornography causing ED is that a man’s brain gets accustomed to high-intense action and pornography images. So when they get into the ordinary sex encounter with their partners, they don’t get arouse and not enough erection as well.  


So if you are really feeling that you are overexposed to pornography and that is the reason you can’t get enough erection, then consult Dr. Manu Rajput and Dr. Kanu Rajput of Sidri International Skin Hair and Sexology Clinic. 

They can treat you with their proven methods of Ayurveda and give you the treatment you exactly need. And for the sake of your health, do not try to self medicate from your problem because by doing so you may spoil your condition further. 

Keep one thing in mind, erectile dysfunction is a complex condition and 1 wrong step can make it difficult to treat effectively.

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