What is Phimosis (Tight Foreskin)?

When a male is unable to pull back his penis foreskin either partially or completely, then that condition is called Phimosis.

In a normal adult male, foreskin is bound to roll back easily but in phimosis, the foreskin is too tight to roll back causing pain and discomfort. Due to this, many patients often call phimosis as tight foreskin.


What are the types of Phimosis?

Phimosis is of 2 types:

  1.   Partial Phimosis- If penis is not erect the foreskin easily goes down (either partially or completely) and comes back to normal position. But when penis is hard, it only goes slightly down and then causes pain and discomfort.


  1.           Complete Phimosis- In this type of phimosis, no matter the penis is in an erect state or flaccid state, the foreskin is too tight to pull down causing severe pain and discomfort.



Phimosis is most likely to occur in older boys who have:

  •       Fused foreskin – penile adhesions or skin bridge
  •       Poor hygiene
  •       Frequent urinary tract infections
  •       Repeated rough handling of foreskin
  •       Trauma
  •         Foreskin infections
  •         Sexually transmitted infections and diseases
  •         Short frenulum or frenulum breve

Phimosis is most likely to occur in adult males who have:

  •       Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)
  •       Eczema
  •       Psoriasis
  •       Lichen planus
  •       Lichen sclerosus or Balanitis xerotica obliterans (BXO)
  •       Diabetes
  •       Balanitis– Redness & Inflammation of glans penis
  •       Balanoposthitis – Redness & Inflammation of glans penis and foreskin
  •       Fungal infection on penis
  •       Bacterial Infection on penis
  •         Catheterization – forcefully pulling of catheter causing micro tears can also cause pathological phimosis


What are the symptoms of Phimosis?

In phimosis:                             

  1.   Difficulty in pulling back the foreskin when penis is soft.
  2.   Difficulty in pulling back the foreskin when penis is hard.
  3.   Pain at the time of erection causes the penis to lose erection.
  4.   In pinhole phimosis, the patient will have difficulty in passing urine.
  5.   Paraphimosis (foreskin stuck behind the glans which appears as a tyre) is a medical emergency condition which mostly occurs in patients having phimosis.


What are the grades of severity of phimosis?

Grade 0 : Foreskin is easily pulled down without causing pain and discomfort.

Grade 1 : Foreskin goes down easily but gets tight behind glans penis.

Grade 2 : Glans penis is slightly visible when foreskin is pulled back.

Grade 3 : Only external urethral orifice is visible. Pink head of penis is not visible.

Grade 4 : Foreskin goes a little bit down but neither urinary meatus is seen nor glans penis.

Grade 5 : Complete inability to pull back the prepuce.


What are the problems I can face if I have phimosis?

There can be many problems if you have phimosis. Some of the most common tight foreskin issues are:

  •       Frequent Balanitis – inflammation of glans penis. (Read about Balanitis Here)
  •       Frequent Balanoposthitis – inflammation of glans penis and foreskin. (Read about Balanoposthitis Here)


  •       Penile cancer
  •       Urine retention
  •       Narrowing of penile opening
  •       Erectile dysfunction (Read about Erectile dysfunction Here)
  •       Premature ejaculation (Read about Premature ejaculation Here)
  •       Paraphimosis – Foreskin gets stuck behind and doesn’t come back to normal position making penis swell due to build up of fluid.

* * PARAPHIMOSIS IS A MEDICAL EMERGENCY as if it gets more severe over the period of time, it can cause gangrene resulting in loss of tip of penis.


What is circumcision? What are various types of circumcision?

To keep it simple for you . . . Circumcision is permanent removal of foreskin or prepuce.

In a more simple language, Circumcision is similar to khatna (but not same) which is performed in many religions.

Khatna is done as a ritual whereas Circumcision is suggested for various medical conditions like:

  •       phimosis or tight foreskin,
  •       paraphimosis ( a medical emergency condition in which foreskin gets stuck behind after swelling),
  •       balanitis (redness on glans penis),
  •       balanoposthitis (redness on glans penis and foreskin),
  •       Balanitis Xerotica Obliterans or BXO,
  •       candidiasis and many other recurrent penis infections.

At Sidri International Skin Hair and Sexology Clinic, we proudly say that at our centre we treat a wide variety of phimosis without surgery.

That means, patients who are willing to save their precious foreskin forever and want to remain UNCUT can book their appointment to meet us in person and get their tight foreskin issue resolved without undergoing circumcision (foreskin removal surgery).

There are many doctors who provide circumcision treatment for tight foreskin either through:

  •       Regular circumcision
  •       ZSR circumcision or through similar techniques of ZSR circumcision, i.e. stapler circumcision
  •       Laser circumcision etc.

They perform either partial circumcision or complete circumcision depending upon your requirement or need.

 But in order to save your precious foreskin/ prepuce, we do not do any of the circumcision / permanent foreskin removal. We know how important foreskin is for your ultimate sexual pleasure and thus we retain it and not remove it.


Is phimosis treatment without surgery available in India?

Yes. Phimosis treatment without surgery is available in New Delhi, India only at Sidri International Skin Hair and Sexology Clinic. Dr. Manu Rajput and Dr. Kanu Rajput are Ayurvedic Sexologist Doctors and are very well known to give tight foreskin treatment without circumcision surgery.



 Yes. Tight foreskin ayurvedic treatment is available in New Delhi India only at Sidri International Skin Hair and Sexology Clinic. Tight foreskin treatment here is given by Qualified Ayurvedic doctors, i.e Dr. Manu Rajput and Dr. Kanu Rajput.


FAQs on Non Surgical Phimosis Treatment at Sidri International Skin Hair and Sexology Clinic.

Can I really Avoid Phimosis Surgery? How do you treat phimosis without surgery?

Dear Patients,


Dr. Manu Rajput and Dr. Kanu Rajput have treated and cured phimosis of several patients who wanted to avoid circumcision surgery.

Non Surgical Phimosis treatment done at Sidri International Skin Hair & Sexology Clinic is a No Surgery approach. The sessions are done at the clinic for which the patient needs to come and gets the Sessions done. The number of sessions depends upon the severity of condition.


What Steroid cream is used for phimosis? Should I apply steroid cream for phimosis? Are there any side effects of steroid cream application?

Many patients looking for home remedies to treat tight foreskin without surgery often end up searching steroid cream for phimosis.

Topical corticosteroids (a cream, gel or ointment) are sometimes prescribed to treat phimosis at home as they can help soften the foreskin which becomes easier to pull back.

Names of such few topical steroid cream searches are:

  •       betamethasone cream for phimosis
  •       betamethasone 0.1 cream for phimosis
  •       betnovate cream for phimosis
  •       buy betamethasone 0.1 cream for phimosis
  •       temovate cream
  •       betnovate c for tight foreskin
  •       clobetasone phimosis
  •       is eumosone ma steroid
  •       betnovate gm for phimosis
  •       triamcinolone acetonide foreskin
  •       steroid cream for phimosis amazon
  •       mometasone cream for phimosis
  •       0.05 betamethasone cream
  •       phimosis cream amazon
  •       ketoconazole cream 2 for phimosis etc.

But unfortunately due to lack of proper knowledge, people often misuse topical steroids which can have side effects on your penis and foreskin.

Some of the side effects of steroid cream application are:

  •       Redness
  •       Burning sensation
  •       Itching
  •       Irritation
  •       Dryness
  •       Peeling
  •       Skin thinning
  •       Blisters
  •       Infections and
  •       Erectile dysfunction etc.


So if it is a session based treatment and if I have a severe condition, does it mean that I would end up paying more?

Dear Patient, the answer to this question is No. We do not charge the patient on a per session basis because if a patient requires more than required sessions he might end up paying more. Thus, to make it patient friendly and in budgets we have made it as a lump sum amount (depending upon the condition) so that it doesn’t hamper the patient’s budget.

With this approach a high number of patients have been able to go for the treatment and are successful in preserving their precious foreskin leading to a highly satisfying Sexual Life for them as well as their beloved partners.


I do not live in Delhi, how would I go about it? Would I need to travel frequently? What about the Stay Arrangements?

Dear Patient, we receive a lot of inquiries from patients all across the country. As this is a session based treatment done clinically, yes the patient needs to travel to New Delhi to get the treatment done. However the travels would not be very frequent, maybe a 2 days stay initially and then one or 2 visits maximum in next consecutive months (depending upon the severity of condition). But if these travels can save your foreskin, there can be nothing greater than it at all. There are a lot of Budget Hotels nearby the clinic, you may search and can make prior bookings for an easy availability.


All I could read over the Internet was about Circumcision only, how do I trust If I am visiting the right place and if my problem could be solved without the surgery?

Dear Patients, yes we know that a few patients due to their past bitter experience have this dilemma before deciding to go for the procedure. When a patient comes over for a consultation he is most welcome to look at the enormous number of Successful Case studies of the patients (consented by the said patient). Looking at the images of before & after and their overwhelming experiences shared afterwards would definitely make you go for it.


What is the phimosis treatment cost at Sidri International Skin Hair and Sexology Clinic? Can I get an Idea about the Costs Involved in the Procedure?

Dear Patients, the cost is something that is discussed over the table looking at the severity of condition. It is neither too cheap nor very expensive that you can’t afford it. Anyone who loves his foreskin, wants to remain intact, does not want Circumcision and wants himself & his partner to enjoy the best of the sexual pleasure would find the cost of our treatment reasonable in comparison to the cost of Circumcision wherein you would lose your foreskin forever.

Please Re read the image “CIRCUMCISED MEN AREN’T REALLY ENJOYING SEX”. If you understand it properly, then you won’t even think of circumcision again. 🙂 

Benefits of Non Surgical Phimosis Treatment at Sidri International Skin Hair and Sexology Clinic 

 No Surgery (Neither Complete Nor Partial Circumcision)

Completely Non Invasive

Your Foreskin Remains Intact with you

No Topical Steroids

No Cuts

No Scars

No Sutures (Stitch less)

No Side Effects

High Precision

No Rest at Home Required

No Work Loss

No Dressings Required

No Problem in Bathing

No Need To Avoid Sex If You Are Already Sexually Active

One Time Consultation Fee – Follow ups are free

Same Day Consultation and Procedure Possible

Time for Each Procedure is around 10 to 20 minutes

Sexual Pleasure Retained, your partner will be pleasured due to Intact Foreskin

End to End Assistance (from consultation till the Results are achieved)

Procedure done by the Specialist Doctors only who having (10+ years of experience) and not any Support Staff

Procedure done clinically through Ayurveda Fundamentals with Scientifically Proven Explanations