my boyfriend falls asleep on me every night

My Boyfriend Falls Asleep On Me Every Night

We all like to, oh sorry, love to make love to our partner. But it is your job finished after making love.

Not quite. And if you think, it is the job done for you, then you may face issues in your love life.

Unfortunately, many men fall into this trap and ignore their partner after a steamy interaction on the bed. Your partner may feel very irritated with this action and may lose interest to engage in sex drive with you.

Speaking through the heart of a woman, a complete sex drive is not only about a physical act or intercourse. It is also about the whole act, post intimacy, soft kisses, hugs, and much more.
So as per the best sexologist in Delhi, here are the things, a man should and shouldn’t do after your sex drive

First, we gonna discuss, what men shouldn’t do :


Fall asleep after sex

Well, it is natural to feel tired after a steamy interaction because it involves a lot of physical activity. But your partner needs your attention after this as well. So give the attention your partner deserves.

Turning on the TV

Most of the men tend to pass their attention on the TV or on the phone. Without a doubt, this makes her feel abandoned and not important to you. Defining the psyche of the women, top sexologists in Delhi says that they feel vulnerable after sex. So, they may feel insecure and left alone when you turn off your attention from them.

Be physically distant

Women notice everything, and if you keep a distance from them after sex, they will not surely let go this unnoticed. As suggested by Dr. Manu Rajput and Dr. Kanu Rajput of Sidri International Skin Hair & Sexology Clinic, soft hugs and kisses really work for you. It is only your efforts which could make your sex drive more than divine.

Ask her to leave

Well, it is your decision to let her stay or not, but it is always a good choice to make her stay with you. She might feel like a sex object if you choose to let her go easily. If you have any problem with her stay, then tell her prior to bed. In case, if you don’t have a night to spend with her, spend 2 or 3 hours after sex could do wonders for you.

What Men Should Do

Connect Emotionally

Just look into her eyes, feel that connection from your heart. Dr. Manu Rajput and Dr. Kanu Rajput of Sidri International Skin Hair & Sexology Clinic have put a lot of influence on making out like a new couple for good sex health. It infuses new energy into your relationship and gives it a new vibe. It may seem hilarious to you, but you can feel each other’s breath. Just give it a try, lay close to her mouth, you will feel something special by breathing together.

Keep pleasing her physically

May you are finished but your partner still wants more from you. Show your partner that you care and eager to do anything for her. Make them feel loved, and if they feel the same, you can expect a little extra effort from them on your bed.


Many things matter to keep a relationship healthy, and conversation is definitely one of the most important things among these things. As per best sexologists in Delhi, Dr. Manu Rajput and Dr. Kanu Rajput of Sidri International Skin Hair & Sexology Clinic, conversation after sex could solve the mystery behind each other sex cravings. You can identify how to better satisfy each other which could lead to even better sex down the track.

Shower together

It sounds very sex without a doubt. Showering together after sex will really please you and you will want to repeat this experience. Do you know? Many men have this experience in the list of their sex fantasy. It’s a nice way to come down after your high and it leaves both of you feeling connected as well as clean.

Well, this write-up has covered most of the points on what men should and should not after sex. But sex is certainly a very complex subject, and you have to explore other aspects by knowing the psyche of your partner. Or if you want to discuss some issues regarding your sex health, or if you are facing any sex issue, like erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. You can consult, Top Sexologist in Delhi, Dr. Manu Rajput and Dr. Kanu Rajput of Sidri International Skin Hair & Sexology Clinic. For appointment, click on the following link:

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Dr. Kanu Rajput

Dr. Kanu Rajput is a certified sexologist and the director of Sidri International skin hair and sexology clinic. He is an Ayurvedic doctor who works Strictly on Ayurvedic Principles and Ayurvedic Medicines and is specialised in treating Diseases like: Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation, Low sperm count, Low Sexual Desires (Esp. Due to Low Testosterone levels), Tight Foreskin (Phimosis), Paraphimosis , And STD's and STI's like : Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Genital Herpes, Syphilis, Genital Warts etc After completing his basic medical studies from Rajiv Gandhi university of health sciences India, Dr. Kanu Rajput upgraded his set qualifications by undergoing a training from the University of England, United Kingdom. While upgrading his qualifications, he also did Intensive researches on Formulating Ayurvedic medicines for the treatment of Sexual dysfunctions, STI's and male infertility, and Stress Management to name a few. Dr. Kanu Rajput has tremendous Experience of treating STI's, sexual dysfunctions, and sperm defects with the treatment modality which is known to be safe and free from side effects , i.e Ayurveda. Few Special Things About Him: Dr. Kanu Rajput is very down-to-earth and builds a friendly environment with the patients so that they feel their problems or secrets are safe with him. He does not manipulate his patients by telling them only the good things about their health, but he lets them know the flaws in their health and treats them accordingly. He doesn't let his patients panic, in fact he tries to know their psychological condition and calm them down. Dr. Kanu believes that the first step of treating a patient is evaluating their issues properly and then suggesting them the treatment. Sexual problems like male infertility and STI's are very sensitive which requires proper attention and treatment of an experienced sexologist. Dr. Kanu is one of those rare doctors who deal with sexual problems like oligospermia (Low sperm count). He uses natural ayurvedic medicines and treatments for dealing with such issues which do not have any side-effects on the patients. He helps people to live a better life by making their body go total Rejuvenation and Transformation. If you are suffering from such issues and want to get rid of them permanently, then don't waste your time and book appointment with him. Note: CONSULTATIONS WITH PRIOR APPOINTMENTS ONLY.

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