Benefits of Oral Sex for Women

5 Benefits of Oral Sex for Women

Have pleasure and get benefited. Well, this sentence may sound strange to you, but it is pretty much true. Okay, Now we are going to describe this in a context.

It is well evident that sex is not the first, but certainly the second name of pleasure and comfort. 

With that pleasure, you can also get numerous health benefits as well. 

Getting under the skin of the topic, let us explain how you can get health benefits through oral sex (Please note that there are many health benefits of oral sex but complications attached to oral sex outweigh its benefits. And therefore we do not encourage oral sex as a healthy practice.)

Many women out there may don’t like the idea to get into the act of oral sex. 

But this write-up will tempt them to get into this act because it will explain the health benefits of it, which they don’t know. Most importantly, your men will love when you make love to them through oral sex.

Again, it feels strange, but recent findings on semen and oral sex has suggested that it many benefits. 

Here are the benefits of oral sex, have a look at them.

Semen acts as a pain reliever

It is medically proven that semen has oxytocin and endorphins that act as painkillers. That’s why oral sex is good for pain relieving process through nutrients present in a male semen. 


Please be aware that semen is a very sticky liquid and the person swallowing it might get choke which can even lead to death. This is the reason that oral sex is not legal in most of the countries. 

Also, oral sex does have some problems like quite easy spread of many Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and Sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

We at Sidri International Skin Hair & Sexology Clinic Do not Endorse or Promote Oral Sex and are just sharing the benefits and other relevant information of it to only those who are already doing it.


Helps to increase relationship satisfaction

This benefit of oral sex is well known to those who are already doing it. Recent scientific research shows that indulging in the practice of oral sex can increase the level of satisfaction and intimacy between partners. This also sometimes directly/indirectly related to minimize the risk of your partner cheating on you (Infidelity).


Women give it more than they receive it

In a 2016 Study of Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality, approx. 900 heterosexual college going students were surveyed about their sexual encounters in the recent past. In this survey, it was found out that 2/3rd of those participants were indulged in oral sex. 

The point here to note that most of the men were on receiving side than women. 

In fact, strangely by breaking the major rule of sexual etiquette, men were less involved in returning this gesture to their female partners.

Just like normal Sex, Oral sex can be enjoyed in many ways

If just oral stimulation of the male penis and/or vulva or vagina of the women is just a regular part of your oral sex then you must know that there are other ways to enjoy it too.

Try these oral sex positions for more sexual pleasure and remove the boredom of tried and tested sex position:

1 Reclining back on the bed.

2 Classic 69.

3 Standing against a wall.

4 On all fours.

5 Putting a pillow under your butt.

Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnant women tend to indulge more in sexual acts. But intercourse in this period is strictly prohibited, as it could have a negative impact on the health of the mother and the baby. 

When men ejaculate inside the vagina of pregnant women, there are some chances of infections. So, it is best for you to engage in oral sex, as it is more pleasing and if practiced safe oral sex then it doesn’t have a bad impact on your health.

We think this information on oral sex is quite informative for you. If you feel that you might be having some kind of Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and / or Sexually transmitted infections (STIs), feel free to consult Best Sexologist in Delhi by Booking your Appointment with us at : Sidri International Clinic Appointment

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Dr. Kanu Rajput

Dr. Kanu Rajput is a certified sexologist and the director of Sidri International skin hair and sexology clinic. He is an Ayurvedic doctor who works Strictly on Ayurvedic Principles and Ayurvedic Medicines and is specialised in treating Diseases like: Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation, Low sperm count, Low Sexual Desires (Esp. Due to Low Testosterone levels), Tight Foreskin (Phimosis), Paraphimosis , And STD's and STI's like : Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Genital Herpes, Syphilis, Genital Warts etc After completing his basic medical studies from Rajiv Gandhi university of health sciences India, Dr. Kanu Rajput upgraded his set qualifications by undergoing a training from the University of England, United Kingdom. While upgrading his qualifications, he also did Intensive researches on Formulating Ayurvedic medicines for the treatment of Sexual dysfunctions, STI's and male infertility, and Stress Management to name a few. Dr. Kanu Rajput has tremendous Experience of treating STI's, sexual dysfunctions, and sperm defects with the treatment modality which is known to be safe and free from side effects , i.e Ayurveda. Few Special Things About Him: Dr. Kanu Rajput is very down-to-earth and builds a friendly environment with the patients so that they feel their problems or secrets are safe with him. He does not manipulate his patients by telling them only the good things about their health, but he lets them know the flaws in their health and treats them accordingly. He doesn't let his patients panic, in fact he tries to know their psychological condition and calm them down. Dr. Kanu believes that the first step of treating a patient is evaluating their issues properly and then suggesting them the treatment. Sexual problems like male infertility and STI's are very sensitive which requires proper attention and treatment of an experienced sexologist. Dr. Kanu is one of those rare doctors who deal with sexual problems like oligospermia (Low sperm count). He uses natural ayurvedic medicines and treatments for dealing with such issues which do not have any side-effects on the patients. He helps people to live a better life by making their body go total Rejuvenation and Transformation. If you are suffering from such issues and want to get rid of them permanently, then don't waste your time and book appointment with him. Note: CONSULTATIONS WITH PRIOR APPOINTMENTS ONLY.

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